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With the advanced documentation system and easy utilization, EndoWash series full automatic endoscopy sterilizer devices are equipped with many features which do not exist at many other similar devices.

By application of improved techniques, many undesired effects which appear at Endoscopes in the long term due to washing, are eliminated with EndoWash series full automatic washing and disinfection devices.

In all device series, users can follow every kind of application through the LCD screen and they can make any changes they like to do.

EndoWash Devices are high technology products which can easily and safely used at medical devices like gastroscope, colonoscope, duodenoscope, sigmoidoscope, bronchoscope.

Washing and Multi Disinfection Patents
EndoWash 4102, where modern technologies are being utilized, washes and disinfects your Endoscope in the most appropriate way in its patented Endoscope washing reservoir.

At the Endoscopes ideal diameter twisting measure is 42 cm. Among those measures, at the small measures it has been detected that in the mid-term breaking probability of the Endoscope optical carriers will increase and picture quality will decrease. Therefore, EndoWash 4102 while conducting perfect cleaning with its patented reservoir in ideal measures, it also protects your Endoscope from long term problems
Utilization of Multi-Type-Scope
EndoWash 4102 operates 100 % harmonized for Washing & Disinfection of all existing 3 brands endoscopy devices (FUJINON, OLYMPUS, PENTAX) in the World and Turkey.

In addition, through the special protection section located in the middle of the washing reservoir you can conduct disinfection of every kind of Endosonographies.
Disinfectant Independent - MultiDisinfectant
In EndoWash devices appropriate structure exists for utilization of disinfectant with features you desire.

According to the different corrosions which may exist in disinfectants, in the device appropriate materials against every kind of corrosions have been used.
Utilization of Short (5 min) and Long Term (20 min) Disinfectant
On the devices, in addition to the disinfectant which can be used for single wash, at the same time appropriate depot and dosing system exist for the disinfectant which can be used in the long term.
Automatic Disinfectant Changing ADZ (Automatic Disinfectant Changer)
In EndoWash Series devices Disinfectant change is conducted automatically. Without any manual intervention, disinfectant is conveyed to the waste system and the change is completed. After that, the tank is cleaned automatically and made ready for new disinfectant.
Advanced Electronic Design
EndoWash devices are equipped with a full electronic system. All sensitive sensors and main control which are used in the device are being administrated electronically.
Easy Operation with LCD screen
The LCD screen located on the front panel of the device allows the user to monitor, administer all activities easily and make all settings through user friendly LCD administration screen.
3 Main Programs or the User`s 10 Private Programs
Many washing and disinfection programs can be configured at Endowash devices. The user can enter his/her preferences to the existing program in the device and can change all duration and measurement settings based on his/her own preferences.
Getting Print Out through Printer Option
Endowash, through the existing printer on the device, can get print out of every kind of washing and disinfection information during and after the washing.
Full Sterile Washing through Safe Water Cleaning System (TriSoft)
All water and disinfection substances used in washing go through special filters within the full process. Due to those filters, every kind of harmful particles which do not return to the process and may block the endoscopes can be hold.
Leakage Tester
Through the leakage tester existing on the device you can test your endoscope before starting the disinfection process and you can assure prevention of damages during the process.
Washing without scratching with Water in Water Technology
Endowash device definitely does not spray pressurized water and disinfection substances on the endoscopes. In this way, scratching and malfunctioning which appear at Endoscopes in the mid-term due to pressurized water washing, do not take place at the EndoWash washing process
7x24 Technical Service and On Time Part Guarantee
EndoWash is a device which is manufactured and assembled in Turkey. Thus, every device receive 7x24 technical service and uninterrupted spare part guarantee. For most of the imported devices, due to delays in replacing spare parts you may experience financial losses, but in EndoWash certainly you will not experience such a problem. If you experience any long-term and serious problem in your device, immediately you will receive a substitute device and you can carry out your activities without wasting any time.
In Endowash series, full automatic washing and disinfection of 2 unit flexible endoscope (gastroscope, colonoscope, duodenoscope, sigmoidoscope, bronchoscope, etc) can be conducted with 4102 Model device at the same time.

All of our products operate 100 % harmonized for Washing & Disinfection of all existing 3 brands endoscopy devices (FUJINON, OLYMPUS, PENTAX) in the World and Turkey.

Almost all disinfection liquids can be used in our device. You can contact our technical service for substances which do not exist in our list.

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