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For the products it is manufacturing and those it is importing and exporting, our company provides after sale technical services to every part of Turkey through our trained engineers and technicians.

Through regular maintenance and spare parts and service support provided at every phase, high performance operation of the devices is assured.

Since our manufactured products always have large spare part stock, our customers are in the position of easily using our products because of the service perfection and instant service opportunities.

Our Service Department has the Turkish Standard Institution`s TS 12426 "Service Area Compliance Certificate" and "After Sales Services Compliance Certificate" of the T.R. Ministry of Industry and Trade`s General Directorate for Protection of Consumers and Competition.

You can instantly contact our authorized central Istanbul office +(90) 216 661 28 00 about your Technical Service requests and also, in cases which are necessary, by providing support at the location where the devices are, problems are identified and necessary actions can be taken to eliminate those problems.

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